Molten Engineering Pte Ltd is a Singapore company incorporated in 2009. We are a solution providing company specialising in providing engineering services and support in the radio and telecommunication sector.

Molten Engineering have effectively reached out and served several corporate and government agencies such as Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, Maris AS and the Republic of Singapore Navy.

Working closely with our customers, we have successfully design and integrated our products into different communication system. We also have an extensive knowledge on maritime communication, VDR and ECDIS system.

In November 2013, Molten Engineering Pte Ltd was very honour and privilege to be appointed as an authorised Distributor for Tallysman Wireless products in Singapore.


We envision a future of reliable and effective innovative solution in the

evolving communication technology.


Customer cares, Innovation, Nurturing our people and Communication.


The first and foremost reason that makes an organisation superior

over its competitor is its people.We recognise our people as the

most vital assets in our company.

Through holistic enhancement program, we exploit our people

to their full potential.